Common Questions:  
    What is email2fax ?  
    What is in the Free Trial?  
    When will i be able to send & receive email faxes?  
    Will I get my own fax number?  
    Can i have more than one fax number?  
    Can I receive a fax on more than one email account?  
    Is there any difference between simple fax machine and email2fax?  
    How can I sign up for an email2fax account?  
    How much does it cost to receive a fax?  
    How much does it cost to send a fax?  
    Account Settings:  
    How do I login to my account?  
    I Can't login to my Account?  
    How do I Change my billing Information?  
    Receive Fax:  
    How do I know when someone sends me a fax message?  
    How do I access my faxes?  
    What file format will faxes be delivered in?  
    Send Fax:  
    How can I make sure the faxes I sent were successful?  
    Can I resend a fax?