How email2fax India Works:
  Just Three Steps:
1.Your Client Sends a Fax to your email2fax #.
2.You Receive the Fax as an email attachment .
3.You can send Fax as an email attachment .
How will I Receive faxes?

With email2fax, receiving a fax is as easy as opening email. You will receive an email with a PDF attachment to an email address you specify. You may also access your faxes by logging into your eFax account anytime from anywhere around the world.

Will I get a Real Dedicated National Fax Number?

Yes, You will get a Delhi Fax Number. 100% mobile, you are free to keep your number for as long as you wish to maintain service.

How will I be able to send my faxes?

Sending faxes is as easy attaching a file to an email. Simply address your email to the recipient's fax number followed by "@fax.email2fax,in"; Our Fax Server will send your attachment to your recipient's fax machine and provide you with an email & sms confirmation. e.g to send fax to 011 - 4100145 the phone number should be specified as 114100145. You may also send faxes online by logging into your eMail2Fax account.